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    Public Policy, Public Administration

    Hard-cover • 2015
    Pages: 178
    ISBN 9789332703094

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    Publisher:Academic Foundation

    Enhancing Accountability in Public Service Delivery through Citizens’ Charters

    The Indian Experience

    R.K. Mishra‚ Geeta Potaraju

    About the Book

    <p>Public services are used by majority of the Indian population, and the Government of India has been pushing reforms to bring in greater transparency, accountability and responsiveness in public service delivery. This book focuses on citizens’ charter which is one of the most effective tools used by&nbsp;governments world over to improve service delivery especially to the poor. Over a period of time, this concept has brought in a mindset change in both the govern-ment and the governed on the aspects of service delivery. It narrates the Indian experience of using citizens’ charter, at the Centre and states,&nbsp;as a tool for improving governance and bringing in greater efficiency and accountability.&nbsp;</p> <p>The volume will be especially useful for scholars and students working in the area of governance and public policy, as also, policy-makers, civil society groups and individuals working on citizen-centric reforms.</p>

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