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Paperback • 2023
Pages: 236
ISBN: 9789332706224
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Academic Foundation

India Banking and Finance Report 2022

Partha Ray‚ Arindam Bandyopadhyay‚ Sanjay Basu (Eds.)

About the Book

The India Banking and Finance Report (IBFR) 2022 is a comprehensive anthology of articles on the domestic and global financial sector. The report covers a wide vista of important subjects, from recent macro-financial developments to green finance, model risk to people risk and CBDCs to loan melas. Each issue is addressed with cogent and incisive theoretical and data analysis. While the observations and recommendations are factual, the style is crisp, clear and simple. The report highlights the challenges and opportunities in the banking and financial sector in an integrated and turbulent world, necessary reforms and prudential measures to ensure sustainable growth and financial stability, as well as lessons for the future. Hopefully, IBFR 2022 will motivate informed discussions on the BFSI sector among practitioners, regulators and policymakers. 

Praise for this book

Unlike institutional reports, the India Banking and Finance Report 2022 blends unbiased and data-founded analysis that helps understand certain special features of India’s financial markets and provides insights into future course of actions required to address current or potential concerns. This is a very useful work for academics, practitioners and policymakers alike and, of course, the students of banking and finance.
Shri N.S. Vishwanathan Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India, and Senior Fellow, IIM Bangalore
The articles cover a gamut of subjects from monetary policy, credit risk and human resource strategy to new-age opportunities like digital transformation. I am particularly happy that the report addresses emerging and critical topics like climate finance. I strongly recommend bankers to deliberate these well-researched papers and operationalise the same in their strategies. 
Shri B. Sambamurthy Formerly: Chairman, Corporation Bank, Director, IDRBT, and Chairman, NPCI
The papers bear the stamp of erudition and efforts put in by the respective authors. The findings and rich references would be of immense benefit to those who are engaged in policymaking and regulation as also to the practising bankers and academicians.  
Shri B.V. Chaubal Chairman, CDSL, and Former Deputy Managing Director, State Bank of India 
The report provides a 360-degree view of the evolution of the banking system in India, the prudential policies of Indian banks, the challenges faced by them in an increasingly integrated world, and their efforts to be future-ready. Written in a lucid way, the IBFR is a must-read for everyone in academics and policy circles and anyone interested in the role of the banking system in the growth and development of a nation.
Prof. Subrata Sarkar Professor and Dean of Faculties, IGIDR, Mumbai 
The report is a useful compendium of thought-provoking articles on the state of India’s financial sector. In addition to the usual areas of markets and financial risk management, it focuses on two emerging issues - digital disruption and strategies for the financial sector in view of increasing competition and uncertainty. The report also includes discussions on new areas like green finance and retail banking sentiment index.  
Prof. Ashok Banerjee Director, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur
This volume is rich in insights about a wide range of current issues as well as emerging areas such as green finance and CBDCs, all backed by rigorous research. It deserves to be read by practitioners, policymakers and researchers.
Dr. Niranjan Rajadhyaksha Executive Director, Artha India Research Advisors

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Partha Ray is the Director of NIBM. His research interests lie in global macroeconomic issues, monetary and financial sector policies and institutions.
Arindam Bandyopadhyay is Professor and Dean (Academic Programme) at NIBM. His areas of interest are Risk Management, Basel regulations, applied corporate finance and quantitative techniques.
Sanjay Basu is Professor at NIBM. He is the editor of NIBM journal PRAJNAN. His areas of interest are Bond Portfolio Management, Market Risk Management, Asset-Liability Management, Financial Crises, Applied Game Theory and Contract Theory.


Alka Vaidya is Associate Professor at NIBM. Her areas of interest are Data Analytics, Digital Payments, Cyber Security and Applications of Blockchain in Banking.
Anjan Roy is Professor and Dean (Research and Consultancy) at NIBM. His areas of interest are Strategic Planning and Management and Banking Operations.
B Ashok is adjunct faculty at NIBM. He is an experienced banker who, before joining the institute, worked with Central Bank of India as General Manager, HR. He has held board level positions in Banks and Financial Institutions. His areas of interest are Human Resources Management and Leadership.
Deepankar Roy is Associate Professor at NIBM. His research interests are in the domain of Digital Transformation, Digital Financial Services, FinTech and ICT Management.
Elizabeth James is Assistant Professor at NIBM. Her areas of interest are Corporate Finance, Corporate, MSME and Retail Credit Management, and Financial Planning and Wealth Management.
G Nagaraju is Associate Professor at NIBM. He is actively involved in teaching, training and research in the areas of foreign exchange markets, technical analysis for financial markets, monetary policy analysis, fixed income instruments and central bank functions.
Gargi Sanati is Associate Professor at NIBM. Her research interest includes international finance, credit risk and market risk analysis, financial forecasting and interbank dealing.
Jiji Mathew is Assistant Professor at NIBM. His areas of interest are Macroeconomics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, Monetary Policy, Central Banking, International Finance.
Kaushik Mukerjee is Professor and Dean (Training) at NIBM. His research interests are in the areas of corporate governance, strategic leadership, corporate and strategic marketing.
Kedar nath Mukherjee is Associate Professor at NIBM. His areas of interest are Financial Derivatives, Market Risk and Fixed Income Markets.
M Manickaraj is Associate Professor and Editor, Vinimaya, at NIBM. His specialization is in the fields of equity markets, Financing MSMEs and carbon finance.
Naveen Kumar K is Associate Professor at NIBM. His research interests are in the areas of Development Economics, Applied Finance, Agricultural Economics, New Technologies in Banking and Finance.
Richa Verma Bajaj is Assistant Professor at NIBM. She has teaching, research and consulting experience of fifteen years in the area of Risk Management.
Sarita Bhatnagar is Assistant Professor at NIBM. Her areas of interest are Marketing of Financial Services, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Strategies for MSME Business and Ethics in Banking.
Shomi Srivastava is Associate Professor at NIBM. His areas of specialization are Leadership, Human Resource Management, Discipline Management, Preventive Vigilance, Change Management and Organizational Development.
Smita Roy Trivedi is Associate Professor at NIBM. Her research interests lie in international economics, central banking, foreign exchange market, macro prudential measures and technical analysis for markets.
Sunil Kulkarni is the CEO of Business Correspondents Federation of India (BCFI), a member institution with over 60 Corporate BCs servicing 30 Lakh BC Agents across India. As a Fintech Professional, he provides strategic advisory services in Fintech & Payments to start-ups, He has over 35 years of cross-industry experience in technology-led businesses.
Tasneem Chherawala is Associate Professor at NIBM. Her domain expertise is in the areas of risk modelling and management, Basel, IFRS, financial derivatives, project finance and structured finance, in which she conducts executive trainings and PGDM courses.

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