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Hard-cover • 2022
Pages: 154
ISBN: 9789332705821
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Academic Foundation

Russia Rethink

Ajay Reddy

About the Book

In the twenty-first century, the American and European elite described Russia as a power on a rampage.  Most citizens simply assumed this to be true because it was repeated so many times.  Only a few knew that the last time any Russian government had any ambition in international politics was the first half of 1914.  This book seeks to give the reader the basic knowledge of the history of international politics which will allow him—unlike those in the press—to see through government propaganda. It also explains why this government propaganda, and the unnecessary policy of “containment” which it promoted, existed in the first place.  The key to thwarting an illegitimate foreign or domestic policy is a citizenry that cannot be tricked. Historical knowledge, the basis of this immunity, is what this book attempts to offer.  

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Ajay Reddy is an independent scholar of the history of international politics. His special interest is the impact of historical events on current policy and ethical and moral dimensions of statecraft. He references not just scholarly works but also popular culture to frame his historical research in the contemporary context.
He studied at the University of Illinois and now lives in Urbana Champaign.

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