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paperback • 2021
Pages: 88
ISBN: 9789332705753
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Academic Foundation


Suyash Dasgupta

About the Book

A story with rejoice, a few laughs
A boy who’s poised to choose wrath
And a question:
Do you have a choice in your path? 

Praise for this book

CHOSEN is a unique experience that offers both the endearing story of a Broadway musical and the raw excitement of a rap performance. Suyash Dasgupta seamlessly alternates rough words and hidden tenderness, composing an escalating symphony that culminates in two great songs: two emotional epiphanies. I immediately added them to the top of my playlist!
Victor Dixen 
     Author of the Phobos Series. 
    Two-time winner of the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire
CHOSEN is a moving account of identity, memory and redemption, Suyash displays a mature writer’s craft that draws the reader into the world of his characters and invites us to look beneath the surface.
Ranu Bhattacharyya 
     Educator and Author, The Castle in the Classroom. 
     Story as a Springboard for Early Literacy. 
     Stenhouse, 2010

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

<p>Suyash Dasgupta is a Grade 12 student at the Singapore American School (SAS) with deep interests in science, technology, poetry, songwriting, and marketing.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> Suyash is a well accomplished culinarian&nbsp;<br /><br /> At SAS, he is the founder-president of the Digital Citizens Service Club ( focused on supporting first generation learners at Anandalaya Public School in Jharkhand India.&nbsp;<br /> He has lived in India, South Africa and Bangladesh and is currently based in Singapore.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> Suyash speaks English, Mandarin, Bengali and Hindi.&nbsp;<br /> All proceeds from the sale of this book go to support&nbsp;<br /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p></p>

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