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Hardcover • 2021
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9789332705692
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Management Book of Questions

Bishan Sahai

About the Book

<p>Dilemma : Management Book of Questions throws up ethical issues that decision-makers routinely face in course of work. How would one respond when &nbsp;their values are not in sync with those of other stakeholders, some with greater clout? No answers are provided. The reader has to place the issue in the context of the business, administrative and personal stakes of the team members and evolve a pragmatic response that honours all values, albeit in a compromised manner. How compromised ? That is the challenge the book throws.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Praise for this book

<p>This is a very thought-provoking book, as it poses a number of hypothetical dilemmas one may face in actual corporate life. &nbsp;The dilemmas are very realistic and brilliantly posed, and the reader is then left to reflect on each situation and choose between various options on what they would do in that situation. As many of the options require compromising on some aspect or the other, this creates real ethical dilemmas. This forces the reader to pause and reflect on their own moral directions and choices, and this is a real strength of the book. This is a book that can be a light read for self-development &nbsp;and reflection, as also a reference book for educational courses on corporate ethics. All in all, this is an excellent book by an accomplished author with vast years of senior corporate management experience, and therefore highly recommended to readers.<br /> <strong>Prof. Nathan Subramaniam, </strong>Director, IPE Hyderabad</p> <p><br /> This is an exceptional book on dilemmas and choices based on real life situations faced by most of us in our professional and personal lives The author has drawn on his experiences and observations as a top &nbsp;level manager in the corporate world. A very thought - provoking book giving an insight into the decision making process when faced with different paths with unexpected outcomes. A must read for all.<br /> <strong>NPS Shinh,</strong> Chairman, Bakelite Hylam group of Companies</p> <p><br /> The author has raised a range of ethical and moral dilemmas based on a lifetime of observation and experience,He envisages intriguing &nbsp;options and decision scenarios for each issue.The dilemmas provide managers a compass for making the right decision, not the convenient one, based on personal values.<br /> <strong>Ashok Soota, </strong>Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies.</p> <p><br /> “DharamSankat” is deeply interwoven into the fabric of business and confronts us daily with existential questions. This book is not a didactic management tome. It draws on daily dilemmas that managers face. And poses questions that need introspection, and resolution. It draws from BishanSahai’s incredible reservoir of anecdotal experiences across a lifetime of witnessing questions that we confront. We must reflect on, and answer these if we have to succeed, with a moral compass. This is an easy to read book for every practicing manager and leader’s bookshelf.<br /> <strong>Saurav Adhikari,</strong> Technology Entrepreneur,&nbsp;<br /> Former President, &nbsp;Global Strategy - HCL</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Bishan Sahai is a retired business manager having occupied directorate level positions in engineering and pharmaceutical industries in the NCR of Delhi, Calcutta, and Colombo (Sri Lanka).He writes and consults on corporate governance and management issues and engages in complexities of ethics and pragmatism in decision making.
He is a science graduate, with a City & Guilds of London Institute diploma in the chemistry & technology of oils, fats and waxes, and a PG diploma in business administration from the Delhi School of Economics (Delhi university).
He is a Paul Harris Fellow in the Rotary movement.
He is an avid reader, with special interest in historical fiction and celebratory biographies. He co-authored the national bestseller ‘Our World: A Symphony of  Drabbles by Three Generations’.
He lives in Gurugram, Haryana.

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