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V.V. Bhatt

Dr. V.V. Bhatt, educated at the University of Bombay and Harvard University had a successful career both as an academic and a national and international civil servant.

As a frequently cited economic researcher, he published some of his seminal articles on capital-output ratios, choice of techniques, balanced and unbalanced growth, project evaluation, income-distribution in India— all major topics in the evolving discipline of development economics.

For exegesis of his ideas he chose various internationally acclaimed peer-reviewed journals.

He authored nine books on economics. As a public servant, he held high posi-tions such as Economic Adviser, Reserve Bank of India and Chief Executive in the Industrial Bank of India and also Chief, Public Finance Division in the World Bank.

Perspectives on Development

Perspectives on Development

Memoirs of a Development Economist

V.V. Bhatt‚

Hard-cover • 2008 • 136 • (6" x 9¼")
ISBN 9788171886838 • US$29.95

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