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Ramesh Bhatia

Ramesh Bhatia until his untimely demise in February 2007, was President, Resources and Environment Group, New Delhi. He had long experience of working on international socio-economic and policy issues in the energy and water sectors. His past assignments included Energy Economist and Water Resources Specialist at the World Bank, Global Program Leader at the International Water Management Institute, Member and subsequently Senior Advisor to the Technical Advisory Committee of the Global Water Partnership, Professor of Economics at the Institute of Economic Growth, University of Delhi, and a Visiting Professor at Harvard University. He also consulted with many international agencies, including the UNDP, UNICEF, ILO, and Asia-Pacific Development Center


Indirect Economic Impacts of Dams

Indirect Economic Impacts of Dams

Case studies from India, Egypt and Brazil

Ramesh Bhatia‚ Rita E. Cestti‚ Monica Scatasta‚ R.P.S. Malik‚

Hard-cover • 2008 • 372 • 6 x 9 (inch)
ISBN 9788171886814 • US$59.95

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