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Craig Churchill

Craig Churchill joined the ILO’s Social Finance Programme in 2001. Craig has microfinance experience in both developed and developing countries having previously worked for Get Ahead Foundation in South Africa, ACCION International, the MicroFinance Network and Calmeadow. In his current position, he focuses primarily on the role of financial services that the poor can use to manage risks and reduce their vulnerability, including microinsurance. He serves as Chair of the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance and on the editorial boards of the MicroBanking Bulletin and the Journal of Microfinance. Craig has authored and edited dozens of articles, papers and monographs on various microfinance topics including microinsurance, customer loyalty, organizational development and management, governance, lending methodologies, and regulation and supervision.


Protecting the poor

Protecting the poor

A microinsurance compendium

Craig Churchill‚

Hard-cover • 2008 • 654 • 6½ x 9½ (inch)
ISBN 9788171886708

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