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Vishnu Bhagwat Khedkar

Vishnu Bhagwat Khedkar is a Post Graduate in Agricultural Engineering and has worked for around a decade in the field of rural development with special focus on NRM-based livelihood. He was in-charge of the Dungarpur-based CII team that piloted the Public-Private-Community Partnership pilot in the district. He has also worked as a Co-Project Investigator for the Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme (FPARP) for demonstrating micro-irrigation techniques and efficient management of water resources for enhanced agricultural productivity.

Towards A Local Livelihood Security Framework

Towards A Local Livelihood Security Framework

Evidence from Small and Marginal Women Farmers in Dungarpur

Harsh Singh‚ Vinayak Vishnu Damle‚ Devilal Vyas‚ Ramila Vyas‚ Vishnu Bhagwat Khedkar‚

Hard-cover • 2013 • 132 • 6¼ x 9¼ (inch)
ISBN 9789332700154 • US$39.95

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