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Paperback • 2023
Pages: 60
ISBN: 9789332706309
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AF Press/DO A BooK

What If You Tried To Heal?


Shreya Lall

About the Book

<p>If there is no light at the end of the tunnel,&nbsp;then you have not yet reached it.</p> <p>What If You Tried To Heal? attempts to explore, through 11 short stories,&nbsp;the aftermath of tragedy and how it can grip an individual. Yet, the&nbsp;pain is not something that lasts forever. As the stories progress, one&nbsp;walks down the path of healing and learns that the pain can also&nbsp;produce a bittersweet joy and appreciation for what we have, and&nbsp;accept what we have lost.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"One of Shreya's defining characteristics as a writer is her uncanny&nbsp;ability to build characters that breathe. She doesn't just create personas;&nbsp;she breathes life into them, making readers feel as if they're walking&nbsp;beside her characters through the trials and tribulations of their lives.&nbsp;"Shreya's stories are an invitation to explore the depths of human&nbsp;emotion, to ponder life's mysteries, and to celebrate the beauty of the&nbsp;written word. They are a reminder that great literature knows no&nbsp;boundaries of age, and talent knows no limits."<br /> <strong>— Devika Narain,</strong>&nbsp;<em>International Wedding Designer and Event Stylist</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"An artist struggling with personal loss makes a discovery that helps&nbsp;her renew her fading brush strokes. A man channels his loss and pain&nbsp;into purpose and a support group for other veterans. A woman deals&nbsp;with a sibling’s loss by continuing her diary. This delightful collection&nbsp;of parables, stories of loss and learning, pain and healing, will make you&nbsp;think and wonder about the things that really matter."<br /> <strong>— Prasanto K Roy,</strong>&nbsp;<em>Technology writer and speaker, policy consultant, green evangelist, former editor<br /> and publisher, and managing director at a NYSE-listed global advisory firm</em></p>

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Shreya Lall is an avid writer with a passion for creating descriptive pieces that allow readers to visualize themselves in the story. Her writing is thought-provoking and engaging, and she has a unique ability to explore the idea of emotions and how they impact a person’s behaviour. Shreya’s love for music is where she draws inspiration for her writing. Her creativity and dedication to her craft are evident in all of her work, and she longs to make a significant impact in the world of writing.

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