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Hard-cover • 2022
Pages: 392
ISBN: 9789332705814
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Academic Foundation

Asia and the Changing Global Economy

Rebuilding Growth Potential

Anoop Singh

About the Book

<p>With the global economy experiencing an uneven recovery from the pandemic, what are the complexities of the policy tradeoffs ahead? What are the drivers of sharp divergences across different countries’ economic prospects? In contrast to the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, why are emerging markets not leading the post-pandemic recovery? Will Asia be able to rebuild its growth potential in a post-pandemic world, especially India and China? In doing so, how will Asia address the weaknesses in growth and productivity fundamentals that became apparent before the pandemic? Are there lessons to be learned from this experience, as well as from previous crises, and their relevance to countries now facing financial and debt-driven crises in the emerging post-pandemic landscape?</p> <p>The essays in this book look at these and other fundamental issues from several perspectives in today’s complex global economy. They contain invaluable lessons for what needs to be done to sustain the international framework for global trade and investment that has worked so well since the Second World War and the role that needs to be played by official international institutions to maintain multilateral stability and cooperation.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Praise for this book

“I have known Anoop Singh’s work over the years, at the Reserve Bank of India, the International Monetary Fund, and the 15th Finance Commission. Throughout his long and distinguished career, his work has displayed a depth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience. These qualities are reflected in his new book, Asia and the Changing Global Economy.”
— Dr. Manmohan Singh
     Former Prime Minister of India
“Anoop Singh, one of the most gifted economists I had the privilege to work with in the IMF, offers us a cogent, brilliant and thought-provoking vision of today’s changing global economy. An indispensable reading to face more safely the uncertainties of the post-pandemic landscape.”
— Michel Camdessus 
    Former Managing Director, IMF; Former Governor, 
    Banque de France 
Excerpt from the Preface:
“... Few have had as important a role and perspective on these [issues], and the international economy more generally, than Anoop Singh.... These essays provide an invaluable set of insights into the major global issues.... For all those concerned with economic policy post-pandemic, there is much food for thought.”
— Anne O. Krueger
Senior Research Professor of International Economics, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies,
and Founding Director, Center for International Development, and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University.

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Anoop Singh has been Member, XV Finance Commission of India, a constitutional body to recommend tax sharing and fiscal transfers between the Union and the States for the period 2021-26.
He is currently a Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Progress, New Delhi, and has recently been adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, Washington DC.
Before that, at the International Monetary Fund, he was Director of the Asia and Pacific Department, Director of the Western Hemisphere Department, and Director of Special Operations.
His additional work experience includes being Special Advisor to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. He has also been Managing Director and Head of Regulatory Affairs, Asia Pacific, for JP Morgan.
Mr. Singh holds degrees from the universities of Bombay, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics.

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