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Hard-cover • 2014
Pages: 416+368
ISBN: 9789332701335
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Academic Foundation

The Emerging Big Picture

Making Sense of India's Economy : A set of 2 volumes

Uma Kapila (Ed.)

About the Book

Indian economy is currently going through a difficult period. However, the problems are not unique to India. Growth has slowed down in many other emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs). This book entitled: “The Emerging Big Picture: Making Sense of India’s Economy”, in two volumes, comprising the writings of eminent economists, policy makers, distinguished scholars and subject experts, throws light on  various reasons attributed to the growth slowdown and collectively provide roadmap for not only accelerating economic growth but also sustainable and regionally more inclusive growth. 

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Uma Kapila, PhD, retired as Reader, Department of Economics, Miranda House, University of Delhi. An alumna of Miranda House and Delhi School of Economics, she has taught Indian economy to undergraduate students for 42 years. She has authored/edited numerous books on the subject, including some the most widely acclaimed textbooks on Indian economy. She is also the co-editor (along with Raj Kapila) of the ongoing series Economic Developments in India, a monthly update published by Academic Foundation in the form of a book accompanied by a CD-Rom. Presently, Uma Kapila is Senior Editor, Academic Foundation.


<p>Shankar Acharya<br /> K.C. Chakrabarty<br /> P. Chidambaram<br /> Bibek Debroy<br /> G. Gopalakrishna</p> <p>Ashok Gulati<br /> Anwarul Hoda<br /> Harun R. Khan<br /> Deepali Pant Joshi<br /> Deepak Mohanty<br /> N.A. Mujumdar<br /> Pranab Mukherjee<br /> Raghuram Rajan<br /> Indira Rajaraman<br /> C. Rangarajan<br /> Shweta Saini<br /> Manmohan Singh<br /> Anand Sinha<br /> Duvvuri Subbarao<br /> Arvind Subramanian<br /> V.S. Vyas</p>

Contents in Detail

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