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• 2016

Pages: 140

ISBN: 9789332703773


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What Does it Mean to be a Liberal in India

Ronald Meinardus (Ed.)


Liberalism in India may be characterised by just three words: “Pseudo, exclusive and misunderstood”, writes one of our authors. This collection of essays wants to unravel the misunderstandings. Young citizens share their views on what it means to be a liberal in India—a nation in the midst of historic transformation affecting all spheres of life and leaving many in search for a suitable political paradigm to guide the way into the future. 

Does liberalism hold the answers? And: What is liberalism in an Indian context? Our 19 prize winning authors share their thoughts on these queries and touch on different aspects affecting their lives: politics, the economy, society and religion, sexuality and morality, to name but the most important. 

As an antithesis to dogmatism, liberalism does not provide one-fits-all solutions to the challenges of humanity. Also in this book, you will note the intellectual diversity of India’s vibrant liberal discourse. Bridging the plurality of ideas and positions is the conviction that freedom of the individual stands as the cornerstone of all liberal aspirations. 

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Ronald Meinardus calls himself a liberal, a political commentator, a desk activist and a Philhellene. He moved to New Delhi in summer 2015 as the Regional Director South Asia of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). Before that, he served the Foundation in Egypt, the Philippines, South Korea and Greece. A journalist by profession and training, Dr Meinardus has published widely on current political affairs in academic journals and the media. Before leaving Cairo, he edited Liberalism in the Arab World. Just a Good Idea? (Mahrousa Publishers 2015). 

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