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    Travel writing / documentary photography

    Hard-cover • 2015
    Pages: 358
    ISBN 9789332701991
    INR 3000

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    Publisher:Academic Foundation

    The Ancients

    Bhutan Diaries

    Serena Chopra

    About the Book

    <p>Serena Chopra’s “<strong>The Ancients</strong>” is the outcome of her travels throughout Bhutan over a period of twelve years. Having endured the harshest conditions traversing through remotest regions of the country to meet and interact with our people, she has written with deep insight and love of the places and people she has met and developed a great affection for them. From Laya in the North to Merak Sakten in the East, from Haa in the West to Samchi in the South, Serena has left a trail of friendship and goodwill.</p> <p><br /> ...Her accounts of the way of life in different parts of Bhutan, our ancient traditions, culture, our spiritual heritage have been beautifully and endearingly recorded with her sensitive heart and through her photographs.</p> <p><br /> This is a rare and special book which takes you to the real Bhutan in a way which will want you, the reader, to embark on a journey of discovery of the Land of the Thunder Dragon, I am proud to call my country.<br /> <strong>— Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; Queen Mother and President of the&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; Tarayana Foundation of Bhutan</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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