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About the Author


S R Rao

Dr. S.R. Rao, obtained his PhD from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. He has postdoctoral experience in molecular plant pathology in Japan and Australia. Currently, Dr. Rao is Director in the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and is responsible for international co-operation especially in Asian region and establishment of biotech facilities and centers of excellence. He is member of many important committees on biotechnology policy and research. Dr. Rao has established a niche in blending economics with technology and specializes in capacity building and regional cooperation and has published several important papers in national and international journals on biotechnology priorities, policy, regulation and management.


Biotechnology and Development

Biotechnology and Development

Challenges and Opportunities for Asia

Sachin Chaturvedi‚ S R Rao‚

Hard-cover • 2004 • 319 • 5¾ x 9 (inch)
ISBN 817188346X • INR 995

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