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Nitya Rao

Currently Professor, Gender and Development, at the School of International Development, University of East Anglia, Nitya Rao has close to 30 years experience as a field-level practitioner, trainer, researcher and teacher. She has been concerned with developing strategies for women’s empowerment, social equity and livelihood security through education, decent work and land and resource rights. Bringing a gender analytical perspective to all her work, she has more recently been researching issues of migration, intra-household resource allocations, nutrition, adaptation to climate risks and unpacking the processes of feminist mobilisation and claims-making leading to policy change. Her book entitled “Good Women Do Not Inherit Land”: Politics of Land and Gender in India was published in 2008, with a second paperback edition in 2012.

Nitya is the youngest daughter of MS and Mina Swaminathan.

MS Swaminathan in Conversation with Nitya Rao

MS Swaminathan in Conversation with Nitya Rao

From Reflections on my Life to the Ethics and Politics of Science

Nitya Rao (Ed.)•

Hard-cover • 2015 • 228 • 6¼ x 9¼ (inch)
ISBN 9789332701861 • INR 895

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