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Manmohan Malhoutra

Manmohan (‘Moni’) Malhoutra is a Trustee of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. A Rhodes scholar and a former member of the Indian Administrative Service (1961 to 1978) he worked with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in her Secretariat from 1966-1973. He was Assistant Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat, London (1981-1993), a member of the Board of International IDEA, Stockholm (1996-2005), and Secretary-General of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (2001-2007).

An Indian Social Democracy

An Indian Social Democracy

Integrating Markets, Democracy and Social Justice

Sunil Khilnani‚ Manmohan Malhoutra (Eds.)•

Hard-cover • 2013 • 428+320 • 6¼ x 9¼ (inch)
ISBN 9788171889945 • INR 1995

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India The Next Decade

Manmohan Malhoutra (Ed.)•

Hard-cover • 2006 • 570 • 9¾ x 9¾ (inch)
ISBN 9788171885640 • INR 1995

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