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Jayshree Sengupta

Jayshree Sengupta is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, Delhi, India. She was a consultant for World Bank (1985-1990) and OECD (Paris) (1991). She coauthored a book with Prof S. Sideri of ISS (Hague) on ‘The 1992 Single European Market and The Third World’ (Frank Cass, London, 1992). She was a lecturer at Miranda House and Indraprastha College (Delhi University) from 1970 to 1977. She has also served as the Programme Coordinator at Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) from 1981-1985. She studied at the London School of Economics where she completed MSc (Economics) and MPhil (Economics).

The Global Economic Meltdown

The Global Economic Meltdown

Perspectives from India and EU

Jayshree Sengupta (Ed.)•

Hard-cover • 2012 • 162 • 6¼ x 9¼ (inch)
ISBN 9788171889686 • INR 595

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A Nation in Transition

A Nation in Transition

Understanding the Indian Economy

Jayshree Sengupta‚

Hard-cover • 2007 • 296 • (5¾" x 9")
ISBN 8171886248 • INR 1195

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